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Courage to Climb

Congratulations to Valerie King, a winner of the April 2014 Courage to Climb Award! Valerie is a junior with a double major in sociology with an honors concentration and global studies with a politics and economics concentration. Valerie has immersed herself in academic and community-based work with a focus in human rights, international law, and social justice. She is already taking graduate-level courses and has started work on her senior thesis, “Rethinking Justice: A Comparative Study of the International Criminal Court and Transformative Justice.” She has studied abroad both in China and Switzerland. Valerie was selected as one of only fifty students across the United States to participate in the Oxfam America Change Leaders Program. Oxfam is an international organization, working to solve global problems, such as poverty, hunger, and injustice. ┬áValerie then started an Oxfam Club here at UT, where she and her fellow members work to raise awareness about these global problems through local initiatives including the Food in the Fort Knoxville program, World Food Day, and International Women’s Day. After graduation, Valerie intends to apply to graduate schools here and abroad and intends to compete for the illustrious Fulbright Scholarship.

Best of luck with your endeavors, Valerie!


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