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Student Life staff serving hotdogs

Opportunity for Student Life Staff to Serve on Staff Engagement and Development Committee

We are seeking staff members to join the newly developed Staff Engagement and Development Committee (SEDC). The SEDC will bring together the work of our existing committees, Professional Development and Recognition, but will also add a focus on Social Engagement and Service. The Senior Staff team developed this new model based on feedback we heard from you about ways we can better engage, recognize, and develop the people who make up this Division.

While this might sound like a big change, the plan is to keep a fairly similar structure to the previous committees, with the sub-committees that focus on Professional Development, Recognition, and Social Engagement & Service carrying out the work of each focus area. The big change is that these groups will collaborate strategically throughout the year under the umbrella of one committee. To learn more about the SEDC, visit this page.

We are now looking for staff to serve on the committee and sub-committees. It will involve planning events, trainings, service opportunities, and finding ways to engage and recognize our outstanding staff throughout the year. There are about 6-10 positions on each sub-committee, so there is space for many of you to get involved. We also need chairs and co-chairs for the full Staff Engagement and Development Committee and the sub-committees.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the SEDC or if you would like to nominate a colleague, please fill out this form. While we will do our best to include everyone who is interested, we will also try to balance exempt and non-exempt staff, staff of different career levels, and staff from different departments so that the Committee is representative of the Division.

Thank you to those of you who will join us in leading this effort.

Please direct questions to Melissa Goldberg at or 974-0839.