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Maximize the Student Counseling Center’s Resources

The Student Counseling Center offers several resources to aid in student’s well-being. In addition to the traditional one-on-one services, the center provides group therapy, a, the Mental Health Clinic (psychiatry), couples therapy, workshops, and online resources, all to help students succeed during their time at UT. Below are some of the top services provided by the center to aid students:


  • TAO Connect, a brand-new online self-help service tools and educational modules to help you learn about and change how you think and feel. These modules are designed to help you have a better understanding of your personal experiences and equip you with strategies to aid you in feeling less anxious today and as you go forward in your life. TAO’s educational modules can be completed anytime and anywhere you have internet access. Log in using your UT email at
  • The Counseling Center utilizes drop-in triage appointments to provide students with rapid access to a face-to-face meeting with a mental health provider. However, the triage meeting is just the starting point. Students are encouraged to use the workshops and online tools to get meaningful help in addressing their concerns even as they wait for their next appointment.
  • Group therapy allows students to share concerns and listen to each other, give and receive feedback, offer support to one another, express feelings, and learn more about how they interact with others. Therapy groups offered have included Healthy Relationships, Graduate Student Interpersonal Process Group, LGBT Group, and more.
  • Workshops, like Feel Better Fast, Adjustment to College, and Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety, operate several times per week and are excellent resources for managing the stress that prompts most students to seek our help.
  • Off- and on-campus referrals are sometimes offered to students for a variety of reasons. Students who have been referred to the community may still utilize the center’s workshops, TAO Connect, and triage services for crisis intervention. In the end, our mission is to provide each student the highest quality of care possible within the available resources.
  • The center also offers self-help resources, which can be an excellent source of information to help individuals with mental health concerns or needs.


Whether students are looking for self-help techniques, individual appointments, or need immediate help, the Student Counseling Center is here to ensure student have the help they need in order to succeed during their time at UT.