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Where to Hang Out in the Student Union

By now you’ve probably heard the news: there’s a new Student Union on campus. If you have visited the Student Union, you may know about all of the UT traditions it holds and if you haven’t there are some things you may not have known you could do there. But where are the top places to hang out in between classes or meetings?


Both phases of the Student Union offer a wide variety of dining choices. Options like Panda Express, Steak ‘n Shake, and Subway provides you spaces to not only enjoy your favorite on-campus dining, but also a place to do some homework, catch up with friends, or just relax for an hour. With plenty of seating choices in each dining location, you’ll find that this is one of the top spaces to see your fellow Vols.

Open Seating Areas

Throughout the Student Union, you will find common spaces with plenty of seating options. These seats were placed with collaboration in mind. You and your friends are encouraged to sit with your fellow Vols and engage and interact with others whom you might not normally. These common spaces provide you with the opportunity to do some reading, chatting, or relaxing and can be found on every floor.

Union Station and Other Student Spaces

While you might consider the whole Student Union to be a student space, there are spaces that are specifically designed with the student experience in mind. Did you know that there is a recreation room just for you? Union Station is equipped with billiards tables, cards games, table tennis, and TV with cable. Additionally, four Xbox stations and corn hole are coming soon to complete the space. You and your friends can host events like trivia nights, Xbox tournaments and open mic nights. The Student Government Association office is also a place to visit the next time you’re walking through. The SGA space allows you to not only hang out with your friends, but a place to get involved in. You’ll have the change to meet with the people who were voted to be your voice for the University.

There is no shortage of spaces to relax, talk with friends, and grab a bite to eat in the Student Union. The next time you’re there, don’t be afraid to visit an office or space you’ve not been to yet. The Student Union is a place meant for collaboration and community building, so branch out from the usual and find your new favorite space!