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Tip of the Week: Email Signatures

Every email that comes from the university, both internal and external, reflects upon the institution. Using one simple, branded email signature across campus helps strengthen the university’s visual identity.

For this reason, we highly encourage you to use the signature builder provided by UT’s central Office of Communications & Marketing. The university signature references a global logo file and was developed using inline styles to help ensure your emails look their best.

Generate Your Email Signature


Why is having a uniform email signature important?

There are several reasons why it’s important to ensure you use the best possible email signature you can. Manually adding a logo or various fonts and images can cause display issues when the email is received.

For example, a manually added logo is not recognized by e-readers, making the signature inaccessible to those who use e-readers. The signature generator addresses that problem to ensure that all emails sent are accessible to all.

What the UT brand? And why should I care?

Our brand is who we are. Simply put, it’s our institution’s reputation—how we present ourselves and how we are perceived. Everyone on campus plays a role in advancing our reputation. You can help by incorporating these guidelines into your work. Working together, we will amplify our many voices as one to reinforce and strengthen the university’s brand.

Learn more about UT’s brand by visiting the brand website at