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Help Out During Orientation

It’s orientation season again and New Student and Family Programs is welcoming thousands of new students and their families to campus over the summer. In addition to presentations, students will have the opportunity to explore their new home and we want to make sure they have everything they need to feel comfortable. So, how can you help welcome our new Vols to campus?


If you find yourself leaving your office for a meeting across campus, lunch, or just taking a walk, wearing your nametag will show families that they can ask you for help. You are one of the best resources for our new students.

Direct People to Where They Need to Go & Help Keep Them on Schedule

It can be easy to get lost in spaces like the Student Union and it’s possible that you may encounter someone who is a little turned around. And with a packed schedule, it is very important to help them find their next session.

Direct Them to Information Desk

It may be the best place to direct them to is the Information Desk on the first level of the Student Union! The person managing the desk should be able to help them get to where they need to go.

Download the Vol Life App

A full schedule of events for orientation can be found on the Vol Life app. These guides will be able to show you where sessions are happening and can help you inform any orientation attendees you may come across.