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Transitions within the Center for Student Engagement

In the past year, the office previously known as Off-Campus and Commuter Services has undergone transition within the Center for Student Engagement (CSE). The staff has identified new areas of focus that better align with the mission of the CSE and create new engagement opportunities for the student body.

As of June 1, there is no longer an office focused solely on our commuter students and off-campus properties. The website will remain a student resource and the CSE will continue to host one Housing Fair in the fall and spring semesters.

CSE Updated Org Chart as of June 10, 2019

These changes created an opportunity to reimagine the department’s organizational chart and some staff member’s responsibilities have shifted. Based on assessment data, the CSE is excited to begin a new focus on daytime programming. The Campus Events Board (CEB) will continue their traditional programming, but the daytime programming initiatives will allow the department to better meet the needs of previously underserved student populations.

The CEB Executive Board will now be advised by the coordinator in the CSE. There will also be enhanced efforts to work collaboratively with the Transfer Center and Graduate School to better engage these unique populations. The Life Skills Series, first introduced by the Center for Career Development, has transitioned to the CSE. Additionally, some CSE staff members have moved office locations and all of the staff are now working from the first floor in the Student Union.

Piloted in spring 2019, the Travel Fund will continue to be a resource to student organizations and a position announcement will be posted this summer for full staff support. Over 300 students were impacted through the fund last semester.

The department is looking forward to the new academic year and introducing these positive changes!

We Will Sunset:

  • Commuter Appreciation Days
  • Off-campus properties work
  • Commuter specific events (one first-year commuter event will continue during Welcome Week)

New to CSE:

  • Life Skills Series/Adulting 101
  • Daytime Programming
  • Liaison work with Graduate School/Transfer Center
  • Shared Homecoming responsibilities
  • Shared Assessment responsibilities
  • CEB Advising shifts
  • Office relocation

Continuing Initiatives:

  • FYS course for first-year commuters
  • Housing Fair in fall and spring
  • will remain a student resource
  • Travel Fund