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Top Study Spots on Campus That are Not in the Library

by Noah Redmond and Kiera Przygoda

If there is anything we know about college, it’s that a study spot is necessary to have good study habits for the academic year. While the library is the best spot for some, we have a compiled a list of unique study spots that we have found throughout our years on Rocky Top to share with you!

Second or Third Floor of the New Student Union

Within the new Student Union, you’ll find couches and study tables supplied with charging ports for students to come sit and study! We love the new union and its study areas because when we get hungry there are two brand new dining options on the first floor; Rising Roll and Steak n’ Shake. Food can always help you study better!

In addition to the open areas, you can always find a more secluded study space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Student Union. The Union was built with student study needs in mind so be sure to check out these spaces!

HSS Amphitheater

While walking down Ped Walkway, you will see what looks like gigantic steps in front of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSS) with students typically studying or just hanging out. Those steps actually make up the HSS Amphitheater and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can always walk further past the Amphitheater where there are plenty of trees ready for your hammocks to be set up.

Fun Tip: There is a POD market inside of HSS so if you get hungry or thirsty, stop in and get a snack and a coffee.

Ayres Lawn

This location was a surprise for Kiera. Throughout her first semester at UT she had never hiked up to the top of the hill because she didn’t have any classes there. Even if you don’t have classes on the Hill, make your way up there for a session, because there’s no better way to feel like a Tennessee Volunteer than sitting in front of one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.

While you are there, snap a photo and tag @utkstudentlife to possibly be featured on our Instagram page!

Communications Outdoor Patio 

This spot is a hidden gem on campus. It overlooks Neyland stadium and the Tennessee River. There aren’t many tables to claim but since it’s one of our most secluded spots, this should definitely be on the top of your list to check out!

Fun Tip: Don’t forget about this spot when taking your graduation photos because you cannot beat the shots of the stadium and river in the background.

Haslam Business Building

In the lobby of the Haslam Business Building (HBB) are sofa chairs as well as seating near Einstein Bagels for studying purposes. However, those spots can be a little noisy. We recommend heading up to the third and fourth floors where you’ll find seats aligned near the stairs. Since these seats are on a higher floor, you can avoid a lot of the commotion.

Fun Tip: Seats in Haslam fill up fast, but usually after 4 p.m. Haslam becomes a ghost town. When Hodges Library becomes busier into the afternoon and night, Haslam becomes empty besides the few late-night classes and organization meetings. So, if you’re trying to find a place after 4 p.m. or later, try Haslam before settling for the library.

Fred Brown Courtyard

You’ll find swings and tables outside of Fred Brown Hall where you can study. If you live near west campus, this location is a prime spot to take some time away from your residence hall room desk and get out into nature.

Fun Tip: A Subway and Twisted Taco are located inside of Brown Hall, so be sure to grab some lunch or dinner before you sit down to study. If the weather happens to take a turn for the worst, the seats and tables inside the lobby of Brown Hall are also a great indoor option.

Magnolia and Dogwood Courtyard

One of our more remote spots can be found in-between our newest residence halls on the west side of campus. Magnolia Hall and Dogwood Hall share a large courtyard with swings and patio tables. This spot is a great option if you want to sit outside and enjoy the sun, but especially if you live in one of these halls and you’re just looking for something different.

Similar to Fred Brown Courtyard, this courtyard allows you to get outside and breathe in some fresh air while studying for your next exam.

Stokely Hall

Stokely Hall is known as the home of the Fresh Food Company and Starbucks, which are two great spots to get schoolwork done. Most students don’t realize there is seating toward the back of Stokely Hall, located on the first floor in a lounge area. If you’re a resident of Stokely, you are familiar with the lounge spots on each floor, but these are only open to the Stokely residents. The lounge spot on the first floor however, is open to any UT student. There are multiple large couches, a desk with high-top chairs, and a TV located in the lounge. This is a great study spot for those who want to be near food while also staying close to central campus.


Now, we know what you’re thinking: is there really a place to study in the TRECS? And the answer is yes!

After working out, head on up to Room 108 in TRECS where you can sit down and unwind while finishing up some schoolwork. This study spot is useful for when you have some extra time between classes or to relax after your workout.

Fun Tip:n Right down the hall from Room 108, you’ll find Jamba Juice where you can energize yourself with a fresh smoothie or juice.

We want to hear about your favorite study spots on campus!

Next time you find yourself the perfect student spot, take a picture and tag us on Instagram @utkstudentlife for a chance to be featured!

Noah Redmond is a senior majoring in marketing with a collateral in entrepreneurship. He has worked for the university in multiple capacities for three years. He love sports and is always trying to learn new things.



Kiera Przygoda is a senior at UT majoring in communication studies. She is the undergraduate public relations intern for the Office of Communication and Marketing. She has a passion for writing and media and a love for Disney. Kiera is also a student assistant at SEC Network and VFL Films.