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Lunch Hours Program

Have you been wanting some extra time to talk with your professor or mentor about coursework and plans for a major, career development, letters of reference/support
or research opportunities?

“I love the DOS Lunch Hours! I tell my students about it not only as a means of setting up a meeting with me to discuss graduate school/careers in school psychology/preparing to be a K-12 educator, but also in case they have other professors or advisors they’d like to get to know better or discuss projects with. This is a very special program that my students and I have enjoyed together. Thanks for providing this opportunity!”
UT Faculty Member

A casual setting like coffee of lunch may be the perfect time to chat about what’s next for you or if you’re looking for some guidance. But there’s no need to take them out and spend your own money. Why not take them out on someone else’s dime?

The Dean of Students wants you to be able to get lunch with a faculty or staff member of your choosing on them through their Lunch Hours program! Enjoy a free lunch (up to $15 per person) at Presidential Court Café, Student Union, or Southern Kitchen, courtesy of the Office of the Dean of Students!

It’s like having office hours but being able to chat over some delicious food. Lunch passes are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday on a first come first serve basis and you can participate up to two times per semester. All you have to do is fill out the form on the Dean of Students website!

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