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Senior Insights: Health & Wellness

by Kiera Przygoda

Welcome to “Senior Insights,” a series written from seniors’ perspectives all about life on Rocky Top! We will cover everything from our favorite spots on campus to conquering the first home football game. We are here to provide you with all of the insights that we have discovered throughout our years at the university. Make sure you follow us on social media @utkstudentlife to get updates when we add a new story!

Eating Healthy on Campus

Coming to college you may have heard about some of the dining facilities we have here on campus. From PCB in Pres Court to the Fresh Food Company in Stokely, this university gives students many options to use their meal swipes. Although our dining facilities offer a wide variety of food, if you are looking for healthier options but don’t know how to find them, look into nutrition counseling through Vol Dining. This free assistance is offered to any student on a meal plan. Not only do they give nutrition advice, but they also help assist with any dietary restrictions a student may have. I used this assistance during my first year at UT because I had dietary restrictions that I needed accommodations for. You will sit down with a nutrition specialist for a session to create a nutrition plan. Throughout the year you will check in with them to see how your nutrition plan is accommodating for you. For more details about this program follow this link to the Vol Dining page.

Nutrition Counseling

Additionally, Vol Dining offers a list of pages that teaching students all about nutrition. If learning about nutrition on your own time is more your thing, then check out this resourceful option. Some of the resources available, talk about vegetarianism, how to stay hydrated, and nutrition on a budget. To check out these resources follow this link:

Nutrition Education


If you are anything like me, getting up and moving around after a long day of classes and studying can be just what you need. TRECS offers hundreds of workout machines from strength training to cardiovascular. This facility is just one way that UT helps students to stay active during the school year. To learn more about the facility and see their fall hours follow this link:

Fall Hours

In addition to the main workout area, there are dozens of fitness classes offered at TRECS free of charge for students. To find a list of the fitness classes offered on a regular basis click this link If group fitness classes are not your thing and you want a more tailored workout plan, try getting a personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals. Personal training sessions come with specific rates for each session but it’s a great opportunity to learn about your physical fitness from an expert.

Personal Training

Getting Around Campus

What better way to get some extra steps into your day by walking to class? Walking is one of the major ways students prefer to get to their classes, but there are more options for when it’s raining or if you’re just having a lazy day. Busses on campuses have a few different routes that they travel. Make sure to get the UT mobile app to track the buses on their GPS system to know exactly when it’s going to pick you up.

Since being back on campus this fall semester, you may have noticed electric scooters all over campus. These can be used by unlocking them from the specific brand’s app and paying a little bit of money. But hey, if you’re running late to class and need a quick ride, grab one and go. Just be sure to park it on a grassy area, keeping all walkways clear. For more information about transit on campus follow this link and click on “Transit Services” for all options:

Transit Services

PE Classes

Why not workout AND get credit for it? UT offers a bunch of physical education activities for 1-2 credit hours each semester. You can participate in anything from basketball to scuba diving. Each class has you participate in the assigned topic for the class while also teaching the logistics of the topic through quizzes and physical fitness tests within the fitness topic. If you want to take a physical education class next semester, check out the list of classes before you register for your next semester classes.

PE Classes

Health Center Resources

While physical health is important to keep up with in college, so is mental health and overall wellness. The Health Center offers all kinds of resources from cold & flu prevention, nutrition, sexual health, sleep, stress, healthy relationships, and mental health. Reaching out for guidance on having a healthy mind and body can reduce your risk of stress and illness.

Health Center Resources

Healthy Living Environments

When living in close proximity with other people the risk for transmission of germs can increase. There are many ways to help reduce this risk by cleaning weekly, paying attention to the air quality, and practicing good diet and sleeping habits. University Housing gives their advice on how to live healthy while in school.

Healthy Living Environments

Kiera Przygoda is a senior at UT majoring in communication studies. She is the undergraduate public relations intern for the Office of Communication and Marketing. She has a passion for writing and media and a love for Disney. Kiera is also a student assistant at SEC Network and VFL Films.