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Meet “Busted”: The New Late-Night Talk Show

What happens when you hop on the bus and do a spontaneous late-night show? The Daily Beacon wanted to answer that question for themselves.

You may already be familiar with the latest late-night talk show “Busted” from the Daily Beacon, but if you’re not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to have your office initiative or even featured to students!

This show, hosted by Braxton Ziolkowski, is a pop-up talk show that takes place on the late-night bus of the T and invites guests to talk with him and play a series of games during the commute. The show’s most recent guests include Njyhalo Pavati from the Center for Career Development and the executive branch from the Student Government Association.

Want the chance to be featured on “Busted”? Reach out to the Editor in Chief at