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Update from Traffic and Parking Authority

This is an update from last week’s first meeting of the TPA board for the spring semester. You can find the minutes from the last meeting in November here, as well as a proposal that was approved at last week’s meeting for some citations that can be donated to Smokey’s Pantry.

Below is a briefing of the items discussed that are of concern to UT staff, faculty and students. If you have issues that need to be brought to the attention of Parking Services, please do not hesitate to let Rodney Combs know.

  1. Facilities Services will be removing overgrown foliage along Volunteer Boulevard that was installed in phases I and II. The planting has far exceeded what they thought they would do.
  2. The crosswalk at HPER and Fred Brown is scheduled to be repainted. This will be a heavy foot traffic area with the extension of the Pedestrian Mall scheduled to start the week of February 10.
  3. The crosswalk on the Agricultural campus at the Indian mound will be relocated to improve pedestrian safety during the summer; the crosswalk will move farther west.
  4. The Cumberland avenue street lighting and signal improvement project continues to 11th street. This should be completed by the end of March. This was done in an effort to connect the look of the campus and Cumberland.
  5. As stated above, the Pedestrian Mall extension will begin at Hess Hall, down to Pat Summit next week. This project will last right up until the fall semester. Trees will go in around Thanksgiving. Phase II of the extension down to 20th street will start after the dining facility no longer needs Andy Holt as a construction aid area.
  6. Due to brickwork on the Nuclear Engineering building, Tee Martin Drive has been closed. It will stay closed, except game day weekends for emergency vehicles, until the building is complete.
  7. Volunteer boulevard phase III improvements are in planning. This will pick up from UT Dive all the way to Cumberland.
  8. The new AG express route has seen large numbers of use and is growing.
  9. Digital parking availability equipment will be added to G17 this summer. This will help users know if there is parking available.
  10. The city’s trial period for the electric scooters (Zagster & VeoRide) is up in May. The campus is still evaluating if we want to continue to allow them on campus unless they improve safer usage instructions and where they are parked. Many complaints have been received about scooters being parked where they block sidewalks, entrances, and streets. They are very convenient, but they are also dangerous to users and walkers.

There will be changes coming to the campus ATV policy, so if your department has one and you have any comments or concerns, please share those with Rodney Combs, so he can get them to the appropriate person to evaluate for the policy.