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Safe Spring Break

by Bailey Ly

Spring break is just around the corner, a time to have fun with friends, relax your mind and body, or spend time with family. Rebecca Juarez from the Center for Health Education & Wellness sat down with me to talk to me about how to make sure your spring break is safe and fun, and also chatted with me about the Safe Spring Break Event CHEW is hosting. 


Rebecca Juarez, Wellness Coordinator, Alcohol and Other Drugs, LCSW

The Safe Spring Break program will be hosted on Wednesday, March 11 from 11 a.m.3 p.m. located on Pedestrian Walkway by the Whirlwind Statue. The event will feature many learning activities and opportunities in order for the campus community to engage in activities from a variety of topics like sun safety, alcohol consumption, self-care, and many more. The event will also be hosting campus and community partners to share resources and local things to do if you’re staying in Knoxville. 

Here are a few activities you can look forward to at Safe Spring Break:

  • Active bystander: If you notice a person in harm’s way, students should consider ACT. 
    • Acknowledge the situation 
    • Considering their options (direct, delegate, distract)
    • Take action 
  • Alcohol risk reduction: Blood alcohol content will be discussed such as the meaning and ways to reduce outcomes students would want to avoid.
  • Sun safety: Ensuring that students are wearing a minimum of SPF 15 and to reapply every two hours but more often if sweating or swimming. This will reduce the risk of sun damage 
  • Self-care: At this event, you can make your own bath salts! Encourage wellness and health in students and to be intentional about taking care of oneself.

CHEW’s mission is to empower all volunteers to thrive. This event is important for students and the campus community in order to promote well being in the community and a way for the university to help out students to make informed decisions. “We want our students to have a really fun time and avoiding things they don’t want to experience ”

We encourage all students to come out to the event to learn more ways of having a safe spring break. And don’t miss out on making your own bath salt! 


Bailey Ly is a sophomore majoring in public relations with a minor in business administration. She is the undergraduate public relations intern for Student Life Communications. Bailey is also the marketing chair for Campus Events Board Arts and Culture. She loves cooking and learning about new cultures.

March 10, 2020