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Sign up for LeaderShape Institute!

by Bailey Ly

This year, the Jones Center for Leadership and Service is bringing back the LeaderShape Institute! This program is hosted by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and LeaderShape, a not-for-profit organization focused on growing leaders in communities. I sat down with Cierra Burnett and Sara Gissel, coordinator and graduate teaching assistant in the JCLS, to learn some information about the LeaderShape Institute.


Cierra Burnett, Coordinator, Jones Center for Leadership and Service

LeaderShape is a six-day and five-night retreat filled with team building, workshops, challenge courses, and meaningful conversations. Students will have the chance to explore leadership styles, gain help in the envisioning process, engage with work they’re doing, and attend a guest-leader forum to get advice and wisdom. Sara adds, “It’s an event where you don’t really know what to expect but everyone who comes out of it ends up having so much to share about the program and what they have learned.”


Sara Gissel, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Jones Center for Leadership and Service

This an opportunity for students to explore who they are and what type of leader they want to be. It pushes participants outside of the box to think as big as possible and not be afraid to imagine the impossible. The program is a great opportunity for students to grow as leaders. Cierra mentions, “It really helps students think about who they are and what they want their impact to be.” Sara adds, “Having opportunities for students that are inclusive and allow them to explore themselves as leaders are so exciting, so sign up!”

This retreat is open for anyone and everyone. “Especially for those who do not feel like leaders, it’s an opportunity to see just how great a potential you have. Leadership has no title!” Cierra states. There are 60 spots open for students with no cost and includes free meals, lodging, and transportation. Don’t miss this great opportunity to challenge your normal way of thinking. All you have to do is sign up here, before March 31!


Bailey Ly is a sophomore majoring in public relations with a minor in business administration. She is the undergraduate public relations intern for Student Life Communications. Bailey is also the marketing chair for Campus Events Board Arts and Culture. She loves cooking and learning about new cultures.

March 10, 2020