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Group Fitness, Outside Tip of the Week, and Netflix Sports Movies of the Week!

RecSports wants to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re at home.

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Fitness, Health, & Wellness

Simple preventative measures like engaging in daily activity or mindfulness meditation are great prevention strategies when coupled with consistent handwashing and other healthy habits!

6 Steps to Establish Healthy Habits

Step 1: Goals and milestones

Habit formation varies greatly from person to person. It is a long process that requires consistent implementation.

Step 2: Identify motivational factors

Intrinsic motivation is long-lasting compared to an external motivator.

Step 3: Pick a goal-oriented behavior

Focusing on one habit at a time may lead to greater success. Consider different goal-oriented habits and pick one.

Step 4: Create the cue and reward

Once you have selected a behavior, choose a cue that will trigger it. For example, opting to drink 2 cups of water before every meal. Consider a reminder alarm or keeping a water bottle next to the computer monitor.  Then select a reward to reinforce the behavior.

Step 5: Eliminate Disruptors

Identify disruptors to overcome pitfalls before they occur.

Step 6: Follow up

Hold yourself accountable to new behaviors.

Outdoor Tip of the Week

Get outside with one meal this week

Be strategic on your next trip to the grocery store, and plan at least one meal that you can make in your backyard, driveway, porch or stoop. Enjoying the nice weather can be done passively as well, and getting some extra vitamin D is never a bad thing! Here is a helpful article from Eureka! with meals to get your brain moving. Taking a bike ride to get the groceries earns bonus points, and since all meals are five ingredients or less, they’ll likely fit in a backpack or small tote.


Looking for ways to pass time at home or challenge your mind? Check out some top sports movies on Netflix, compete against your friends no matter where you are, or test out your own Sudoku skills!

Virtual Intramural Events

National Collegiate Trivia Night

Join us every Wednesday in April for the first-ever National Collegiate Trivia Night hosted by Cornell University! Any student, faculty, or staff member from schools across the country is welcome to participate. Swag prizes to the top 5 finishers, and random drawings throughout the event.

How to Participate: Create your own Twitch Account and follow the channel to participate. It is that is easy! The trivia itself is mobile-friendly. When you submit your entry, consider naming your team “UTK,” followed by your first and last name (for example, “UTK – John Smith”). This will allow us to award the highest scoring UTK participant a championship shirt each week. You MUST sign up using the above format to be eligible.

When: Every Wednesday in April beginning this Wednesday, April 1 at 8 pm EDT

Where: Streaming live on our Twitch Channel: