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Interesting Diet Facts, Outdoor Tip of the Week, and Functional Fitness Training

RecSports wants to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re at home.

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Fitness, Health, & Wellness

Simple preventative measures like engaging in daily activity or mindfulness meditation are great prevention strategies when coupled with consistent handwashing and other healthy habits!

Virtual Group Fitness Classes Now Available

All group fitness classes are FREE to UT students who have paid their student activities fees, and all faculty/staff who have paid membership fees to RecSports. Classes are held every day so be sure to check out the schedule!

Interesting Diet Facts

  • 64% – people who follow their own eating plan for weight management rather than a dietary professional’s
  • 82% – adults who say they read nutrition labels
  • 89% – the percentage of people who say health-not appearance- is their top reason for watching their weight
  • About HALF men and women who think dieting is an outdated term
  • 84% – adults who are trying to limit their sugar intake

Functional Fitness Training

One of the top 10 Fitness Trends for 2020 is a type of workout that targets muscles used in everyday tasks such as vacuuming or carrying groceries.  Functional fitness is “in” and is necessary to help prevent injury as well as maintain health.  The routines combine exercises to strengthen muscles and joints, promotes balance, and boost flexibility and mobility. Other examples of exercise that help promote functional training are squats, lunges, push-ups, seated twists, core exercises such as crunches, and planks.

Free Fitness Subscriptions

TRX – Over 80 class options (ones that don’t require TRX setup too), currently free, usually $4.99/month – Website; App Link

Peloton – Thousands of classes (that don’t include bikes too), 90-day free trial, usually $19.49 –Website; App Link

Outdoor Tip of the Week

You can still do outdoor activities!

As the semester ends and finals approach, it is important to take breaks and grab a breath of fresh air every once and awhile.  Especially since many of us are working from home, sometimes it is hard to escape school or work when you’re doing it all from within 20 feet of your bed.  Going for a walk down the street or doing some yoga in your yard is a great way to take a break and de-stress, so you can come back motivated and finish the semester strong!


Looking for ways to pass time at home or challenge your mind? Check out some top sports movies on Netflix, compete against your friends no matter where you are or test out your own Sudoku skills!

Virtual Intramural Events

National Collegiate Trivia Night

Join us every Wednesday in April for the first-ever National Collegiate Trivia Night hosted by Cornell University! Any student, faculty, or staff member from schools across the country is welcome to participate. Swag prizes to the top 5 finishers, and random drawings throughout the event.

How to Participate: Create your own Twitch Account and follow the channel to participate. It is that is easy! The trivia itself is mobile-friendly. When you submit your entry, consider naming your team “UTK,” followed by your first and last name (for example, “UTK – John Smith”). This will allow us to award the highest scoring UTK participant a championship shirt each week. You MUST sign up using the above format to be eligible.

When: Every Wednesday in April beginning this Wednesday, April 1 at 8 pm EDT

Where: Streaming live on our Twitch Channel:

May 1, 2020