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Sorority & Fraternity Registration is Now Open

There are dozens of ways to get involved on campus at UT, and your student might be considering a sorority or fraternity experience! UT has a lot of experiences to choose from, and each experience offers a sense of community, leadership opportunities, and great ways to build their resume.

Is your student thinking of joining a sorority or fraternity? We’ve got a guide to success right here! Becoming a member of a Greek letter organization is an exciting opportunity that can help your student find their community on campus. Membership in a fraternity or sorority offers students a unique opportunity to have a balanced college life with a focus on academic excellence, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership development, service, and responsible social interaction. Membership also offers students the opportunity to make lasting friendships with individuals with similar ideals and common purposes.

If your student isn’t sure they want to join in the fall, that’s ok! There are opportunities to get involved on campus throughout the fall semester, and they can participate in recruitment during the spring semester!

The first step to joining an organization is determining which of UT’s four councils is right for your student: Interfraternity Council (IFC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), or the Panhellenic Council. Below you will find information on each of the four councils and information about membership opportunities. It is important to note that students involved in the Volunteer Bridge Program are not eligible to join a sorority or fraternity while enrolled in the program.

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Interfraternity Council (IFC) – August 13–20

The Interfraternity Council at the University of Tennessee is the governing body of the 21 registered fraternities on campus. IFC strives to promote high academic excellence, philanthropic services, accountability, leadership, and interfraternity unity.

IFC at Southeastern Greek Leadership AssociationRegistration for recruitment will open on June 1 and additional details will be shared throughout the summer.

The registration fee for fall recruitment is $75. Registration is required for all men pursuing membership through the formal recruitment process.  If you or your student has any questions about IFC Recruitment, please contact the Recruitment Team at

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Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) August 20

The Multicultural Greek Council at UT is composed of six culturally-based sororities and fraternities. The council is united by their aspirations to increase awareness of diversity and inclusion, serve the UT and the local community, and to maintain high academic standards. MGC also coordinates activities that celebrate culture, uplifts personal/professional development, and engages in working across differences.

Each MGC organization accepts potential new members through a new member education process. Some MGC organizations start off with a series of events known as Rush or Recruitment Week and others host Informational or Interest Meetings.

Rush/Recruitment is an informal week of educational, social, and service-related activities to get to know members and learn more about one organization of interest. At the end of an organization’s rush week, they extend opportunities to selected individuals who meet the requirements of MGC and its national organization to pursue membership. Informational Meetings allow for individuals to find out general information about organizations and Interest Meetings are formal meetings for those who are interested in moving forward with membership.

If your student is interested in learning more about MGC organizations, encourage them to register for Meet the Greeks! Meet the Greeks will be a virtual platform to learn more about UTK’s cultural-based fraternal organization. This event will be FREE to all UTK students. Registration starts June 1st. For more information, please contact Tenea Lowery at

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National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

The National Pan-Hellenic Council at UTK is composed of eight of the nine historically, not exclusively, African American sororities and fraternities. These organizations live by the values of culture, academic achievement, diversity, community service, leadership, social justice advocacy, and lifetime brotherhood and sisterhood NPHC organizations are committed to campus leaders that produce and engage in educational and social activities.

NPHC “Divine 9-D9” sororities and fraternities initiate new members through a membership intake process. This engagement starts either with an informal, Informational Meeting and/or formal, Interest/Rush Meeting. An “Informational” meeting is an informal meeting to learn more information. An “Interest/Rush Meeting” is the formal event in which members attend who are interested in joining an organization.

Each sorority or fraternity holds its process at its own specified time within a given fall or spring academic term.

Undergraduate students who wish to affiliate with an NPHC organization must meet specific membership qualifications*:

  • Be enrolled full-time at UTK
  • 12 UTK Credit Hours Established
  • 5 Cumulative GPA

*Note: G.P.A. and credit hour are the minimum NPHC requirements. Some organization requirements may be higher.

If your student is interested in learning more about NPHC organizations, encourage them to register for Meet the Greeks! Meet the Greeks will be a virtual platform to learn more about UTK’s cultural-based fraternal organization. This event will be FREE to all UTK students. Registration starts on June 1st.  For more information, contact Tenea Lowery at

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Panhellenic Council – August 13–21

The Panhellenic Council at UT is composed of 13 women’s sororities. This council strives to develop women through the relationships they make, the leadership skills they gain, the challenge of academics, and the philanthropic/community service experiences in which they participate.


Currently, registration will open on Monday, June 1. Registration for primary recruitment will close Monday, August 10 at midnight.

The cost of registration is $140.  This goes to cover the expenses of running Primary Recruitment including, but not limited to, bus transportation to and from Sorority Village, provided meals, temporary bathroom facilities, marketing expenses, and a Go Greek round t-shirt.

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