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Seating Assignments & Location

Seating assignment—Student seating for football is reserved seating. A loyalty point selection process is used to determine seat assignment. Seats are assigned from best to worst in the order that students and groups are selected. The more loyalty points held by a student, the better their seat will be. Students must sit in the seat designated on their ticket.

Seating location—Student seating is located in sections D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. See the Neyland Stadium page for a map of sections.

Group seating—To sit together, students must form groups. Groups can be created only during the request period of the ticket purchase process.

  • Groups are defined as two or more individuals.
  • The maximum group size is 250.
  • To form a group, one individual in the group must be identified as a group leader.
  • Group leaders must identify themselves by checking the box in their online account that states, “I consent to serve as a Small Group Leader for up to 249 other students who may request to be seated with me. Any student may join my seating group by entering my NetID when s/he requests tickets for an upcoming event. I understand that a group’s loyalty point standing will be the average of the loyalty points held by the group.” This consent box is found under the Student Information tab.
  • Students wishing to sit with someone identified as a group leader must enter the group leader’s NetID in the group field and enter the group password set by the group leader. Note: The group leader must enter their own NetID in the group field or they will not be placed with the group.
  • Students who request to be seated with someone who has not accepted group leader responsibility or who has lost group leader eligibility are notified on-screen that the person they selected is not a valid group leader.
  • Students who request to be seated with a group that has exceeded its maximum size of 250 are notified that the group is full.
  • For loyalty point selection purposes, a group’s loyalty point standing is the average of the loyalty points held by the group. Guest tickets included as part of the group have a value of zero.
  • Students who request to be seated with a group acknowledge that their chances of being selected during the loyalty point selection process are dependent on selection of the group in the process.
  • Each group member must purchase (claim) their individual ticket if the group is selected.