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Support the Division of Student Life

Student life is the heart of UT’s campus, and avenues for involvement are vital to the success of every student’s experience at the University of Tennessee. No student graduates from the Division of Student Life, but no one ever graduates without the student experience that is outside of the classroom.

While the Division of Student Life enhances the student experience, we also constantly adapt our offerings to students in order to best serve the campus population. Student life is where students live; it is University Housing. Student life is where students serve; it is student government. Student life is where students learn, grow, and develop; it is extracurricular opportunities and programs from intramural sports to cultural events. Student life encompasses the ways in which students spend 85 percent of their collegiate experience—outside the classroom.

Today we reach out to you as an individual who has a passion for our university and ask you to consider supporting one of the many student life funds listed on this site. Your gift will not only make a positive impact on our campus but will also set an example for other friends and alumni of the university.

Interested in making a major gift to the Division of Student Life?

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Student Life Excellence Endowment
Fund for Student Life 


Student Union

Student Union

The cornerstone of the University of Tennessee’s ongoing campus transformation is now open, with the second and final phase set to open by 2019.

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Stokely Hall

Stokely Hall

The new residence hall on the corner of Volunteer and Lake Loudoun Boulevards features the Fresh Food Company, a P.O.D. grocery location, and a coffeehouse open to the campus community. We are excited to welcome this new residence hall to our University Housing family.

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