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Marketing & Communications


The Marketing & Communications Committee supports the Division of Student Life Strategic Goal 4: Enhance services for students through data-informed decision making, branding, and communication.

The committee strives to provide division-wide marketing and communication resources, support for campus-wide branding initiatives, and opportunities to expand current marketing efforts.


MACC Goals:

  • Allow for individuals tasked with marketing responsibilities an opportunity to come together to establish best practices among student life practitioners.
  • Create an opportunity for departments to partner to promote campus life.
  • Standardize marketing opportunities and resources across division.
  • Strive for 50% cross promotion rate for signature department initiatives/programs through electronic and print media.
  • Serve as sounding board and resource for marketing and communication technology adoption.

Did you know?

The Department of Creative Communications & Marketing has developed brand standards and resources for the University of Tennessee.

Please review the standards and resources provided here.


Committee Contacts:

To request meeting minutes or to attend a future meeting, please contact:

Jon Janis, Program Manager for RecSports, co-chair

Meghan Jagnow, Manager for Marketing & Communications, University Housing, co-chair

Marketing & Communications Committee Members

Division Resources

Office Large Print Media Internal or Public
Center for Health Education & Wellness Sandwhich Internal & Public: May be used by other Student Life professionals; not student organizations.
Disability Services No
Student Conduct & Community Standards No
Student Counseling Center No
Student Health Center No
University Center Sandwich & Bulletin Sandwich Board: Internal & Public: May be used by other Student Life professionals; not student organizations. Bulletin Board: Used by Student Orgs (allowed to put 1 item up at a time). Located in Panhellenic Building. Contact office to reserve.
Center for Career Development Sandwich Provide CCD with one or two hard copy version of what you would like hung via personal delivery or through campus mail. It will be hung on bulletin boards in the Career Exploration Center. It will be removed on a regular basis post-events by a CCD student worker.
Center for Leadership & Service No
Center for Student Engagement Sandwich & Bulletin Sandwich Board: Internal & Public: Typically used internally & by Student Orgs but other Student Life professionals can use it at well.  Bulletin Board: Protocol has not yet been established in the new building. In the past, student orgs were allowed to use them. Just contact office & speak to Inez Mabry.
New Student & Family Programs No
Sorority & Fraternity Life No
Student Media No

Center for Career Development

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Center for
Health, Education &

FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large

Center for Leadership & Service 

FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large
  • Alternative

Center for Student Engagement 

FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large
  • Volapalooza
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Dean of Students


New Student & Family Programs

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FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large
  • Intramurals
  • Sports Clubs
FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large
  • Outdoor Programs
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Sorority & Fraternity Life

  • UTK Panhellenic Council
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  • National Pan-Hellenic Council
FB-f-Logo__blue_29 TwitterLogo_#55acee Instagram_Icon_Large
  • Multicultural Greek Council
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Student Government Association


Student Media

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University Housing 

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Instagram_Icon_Large Pinterest_Badge_Red
  • United Residence Hall Council
Department Location Format Size Contact Notes
RecSports TRECS Powerpoint On-Screen Show 4:3 Jon Janis University Departments/Colleges only; no student organizations
University Housing Residence Halls jpg 704×392 pixels or an equivalent ratio Meghan Jagnow images only
Student Union All Floors jpg or png Click here for details Mark Rozanski images only
Career Development Office Area jpg or png 16 x 9 or 1920 x 1080 Kortney Jarmon Limited to only student leadeship positions or campus employment

The University of Tennessee has several campus-wide electronic communication resources, including Vol Update and Tennessee Today, available both online and email formats.  In addition, certain events and initiatives may be eligible for a press release to local media. To learn more, contact Katherine Saxon, Media Relations, at

The SA Listserv is an internal Division of Student Life listserv that reaches all staff. To subscribe, contact Perry Newman, Assistant Director for Student Life, at

Center for Health Education & Wellness There is a single bulletin board in the CHEW and if you would like a flyer posted you can email Laura Bryant at or contact her via campus mail at 1800 Volunteer Blvd. Suite 201
Center for Career Development none
Center for Leadership & Service Provide CLS with one hard copy version of what you would like hung via personal delivery or through campus mail and it will be hung on the single bulletin board outside the CLS office and will be removed on a regular basis post-events by a CLS student worker
University Housing At least 1 bulletin board in every hall lobby and 1 on each floor. Flyers must be brought to University Housing for distribution. The Housing Officew is located at 405 Student Services Building in Circle Park. Flyers must be brought printed and bundled per Residence Hall. All flyers must be approved by the Associate Director of Residence Life before they will be delivered to the Halls. The number of flyers needed per building can be acquired by contacting the Housing Office at 865-974-2571.
New Student & Family Programs None
RecSports TRECS: 4 community boards. HPER 1 community board. SAC 1 community board. All flyers must be approved by Jon Janis and dropped off at the TRECS Admin Suite.Additional Bulletin Boards are available for promotion. Made on case by case situation. Contact Jon Janis at
Sorority & Fraternity Life none
Student Engagement One bulletin board in the main hallway of the suite. Flyers can be e-mailed to Inez Royston at and flyers can be printed to be posted on the bulletin board or a flyer can be mailed through campus mail to Center for Student Engagement- 915 Volunteer Blvd, 2227 Dunford Hall. At this time there is only one bulletin board so 1 flyer is all we can take.
Student Media We have a limited space within our office that is available for relevant information to be shared with our students. You can send these through campus mail or drop them off at room 11 Communications Bldg. These may be addressed to the attention of Rachel McClelland or Eric Smith, and when appropriate, they will be shared. Size/quantity limits are determined by relevance and space available. I suggest the flyers be letter size or smaller, when possible.
Student Union UCopy for a variety of printing needs (large format printing, copies, flyers, binding, laminating, brochures, etc.), graphic design that meets current branding standards, included in design, Chris Lowe can offer advice on/help with resources/troubleshooting software, etc. related to graphic design or other electronic/printing projects.