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Ayres Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help but don’t know where to start, contact the information specialist assigned to your unit. If you know what you need, fill out a project request, and we will contact you to discuss your project within two business days.

Everything starts with the information you provide to us. In the case of an event, it’s the who/what/where/when/why/how. In the case of a program or initiative, it’s also the story or the motivation behind it. Who is your intended audience? What is the call to action? A rough draft gets us on our way. We’re happy to polish and finesse as needed after receiving the initial information from you. We rely on you to be the experts in your area, and we can help you fine tune the message that supports your mission.

Give us a call or submit your request online. Depending on the event, photographer availability, and how the photos will be used, we may or may not be able to accommodate.

Reach out to the information specialist assigned to your unit. We work closely with the university’s Office of Communications and Marketing on all our projects and will work with them to provide feedback to you.

Do you need help with content strategy? Does your website need a complete overhaul? Get in touch with us. We can assist with getting your message across more efficiently on your website. Some website projects can be completed within shorter time frames, but website redesigns take more time, information, planning, and strategy.

For simple content updates and adding pages, the Office of Communications and Marketing offers WordPress training for faculty and staff with websites in the UT template. View upcoming training sessions on the OIT Workshop website. To register for a session, contact the instructor for the registration code.

If your project involves giveaways, T-shirts, or other promotional items that include a university logo (or other trademark) on it, the vendor must be licensed through UT’s Trademark Licensing office. Make sure you review the list of licensed vendors before ordering your item.

Most of our services are free to the Division of Student Life. When we meet to discuss the project, we will review any costs that could be charged back to your department. Examples of charges are printing costs, costs of promotional giveaways, and some photo/video services.