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Internal Communications

The Division of Student Life consists of departments and centers that generate a rich and diverse story. Sharing this story internally to our staff is critical so that we can be champions for our departments and Student Life as a whole.

Depending on the topic, different messages can be maximized using a variety of platforms. We categorize different topics in “content groups” so that important messages are prioritized, distractions are minimized, and our story is clear.

Email Blast

Email blasts will be sent on an as-needed basis to all Student Life staff. Messages that would be included in an email blast typically involve multiple departments and services, are sent from the vice chancellor’s office, or share campus-wide and system-wide messages as requested by the university.


The newsletter for Student Life is the most common and consistent way to distribute information to our staff. The newsletter typically includes general interest stories, key department hires, student success stories, opportunities to volunteer within the division, stories in the media, search committee, and interview needs, Student Life events, professional development events, and selected department events.

Most stories are also shared on the Division of Student Life blog.

The newsletter is sent every Monday. We ask that all items are submitted the preceding Thursday at noon for consideration.

Submit news items

Student Life Listserv

The Student Life listserv is used to share division-wide messages through email blasts and the newsletter. Participation in this listserv is voluntary, but we highly recommend joining to make sure you don’t miss important messages. Email us to join the listserv!

Messages requested to be distributed through the listserv will first be reviewed by our team to be sure that we are sharing it in the best way possible for success. Our team will contact you to recommend alternative strategies if needed.

Social Media

We use social media to share Student Life news and celebrate our successes. Shout outs, group meet-ups, new hires, birthdays, and other social events are perfect for this platform.

Follow Student Life on Twitter: @UTKStudentLife

Join our staff-only Facebook group!

Special Events

We use the campus events calendar to promote both large and small events. The calendar populates website feeds and makes it easier to share your internal celebrations as well as special events open to students and staff.

Contact your information specialist for additional information about the campus events calendar and to begin using it to maximize your events.