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Student Life staff serving hotdogs

Staff Engagement and Development Committee

The Staff Engagement and Development Committee (SEDC) will support several critical areas to enhance employee success, well-being, and engagement within the Division of Student Life. The goal of the committee is to foster a positive work environment, build relationships among colleagues and across departments and roles, and recognize and celebrate the exceptional work of the staff in the Division. The SEDC will address four major areas (managed by three sub-committees, detailed later):

Professional Development: Provide opportunities for DSL staff to receive training and experiences that develop and improve skillsets necessary to perform their work.

Recognition: Coordinate the annual Student Life Awards, soliciting nominations, determining winners, and planning the awards presentation ceremony and celebration.

Social Engagement: Plan and execute division-wide events to bring staff together to build community, celebrate milestones throughout the year, and facilitate positive relationships and morale in the Division.

 Service: Plan a day of service annually or each semester so that the DSL may contribute to the local community and serve as examples for student leaders.


Timing: The SEDC will plan the timing of their events to ensure that there are regular opportunities for engagement throughout the year and that there are not conflicts between dates of their events.

Budget: Senior Staff will set a budget for each sub-committee to adhere to for the year.

Structure: The SEDC will have a Chair or Co-Chairs, selected annually. A chair or co-chair may serve up to two years in a row. Three sub-committees (Social and Service, Professional Development, and Staff Recognition) will also have chairs or co-chairs, selected annually and eligible to serve for up to two sequential years at a time. Co-chairs should represent exempt and non-exempt staff. Additional committee membership will be recruited annually, with no limit to the number of years someone can serve on the SEDC in a non-leadership role. SEDC members will be assigned sub-committees to work on, based on their interests and committee needs. Sub-committees will meet independently as needed.

Appointment to positions: A call for nominations and interest will go out annually. Membership on the committee will be selected by Senior Staff with input from others in the Division. The goal for membership is to balance staff who are exempt and non-exempt and of varied career levels, departments, and job functions, as much as possible. For staff who want to be involved but cannot participate as full-time members, opportunities will exist to participate by helping review Student Life award nominations and to support other SEDC events.

Potential events:

  1. Fall Semester Kick Off
  2. Holiday Gathering
  3. Student Life Awards
  4. End of Year Celebration (combine with Awards ceremony?)
  5. Day(s) of Service
  6. 1-2 annual training workshops
  7. Breakfast or lunch and learn events
  8. Casual social gatherings, similar to Faculty Pub/Mic Night in Academic Affairs
  9. Professional Development Book Club

Other Committee goals and opportunities:

  • Collaborate with the Student Life Diversity Committee throughout the year
  • Collaborate with Be Well to promote employee health and wellness events
  • Review results from a staff engagement survey to identify areas for improvement and new ways to engage staff
  • Regularly incorporate acknowledgements of staff anniversaries at gatherings throughout the year

Questions or Feedback? Contact Melissa Goldberg in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life at or 974-0839.


UPDATE: We are now accepting expressions of interest and nominations for staff to join the SEDC. Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining or if you would like to nominate a colleague!