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Residence Life – URHC/NRHH Graduate Assistantship

Department of University Housing

Number of Vacancies:  1

Department Website:

Separate application:

Department Mission Statement: Our mission is to foster positive, student-centered residential communities supporting the academic mission of the university. We provide a defining experience for students through programs and amenities that facilitate individual learning and development. University Housing’s value and services enhance the overall university student experience.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Previous residence hall living experience, or other student affairs leadership experience.
  • The GA should be admitted into and be making positive progress toward a graduate or professional program at the University of Tennessee and enrolled in no more than 12 credit hours.
  • Graduate students are not permitted to be placed as GAs if student teaching and/or co-ops/internships require a staff member to be off-site for more than 2 days/4 half-days/or 16 hours a week during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm).

Responsibilities and Tasks:

A. Advising

  • Actively advise both the URHC and NRHH Executive Boards by providing support, serving as a resource, and facilitating developmental opportunities
  • Attend weekly URHC Executive Board meeting, NRHH Executive Board meeting, and bi-weekly general body meetings.
  • Provide Executive Members with programming and budgetary advice.
  • Hold weekly one-on-one meetings with the URHC president. Schedule one-on-one meetings with other executive members bi-weekly.
  • Oversee fundraising efforts.
  • Attend and serve as delegation advisor during the annual housing conferences: TARH, SAACURH, No Frills, and NACURH. This includes assisting with the conference delegation selection and attending regular delegation meetings.
  • Serve as a resource to Hall Association Advisors.
  • Schedule and maintain at least 10 office hours per week.
  • Works in cooperation with other Head Staff to provide 24-hour on-call Area Coverage and is available to work in halls that remain open during university breaks.

B. Programming

  • Plan and coordinate semesterly Executive Board planning sessions/strategic planning retreat.
  • Assist Executive Member in planning and implementation of regular campus-wide programming.
  • Coordinate the planning and organization of the URHC Welcome Week events.
  • Organize the fall semester Hall Officer Training.

C. Budgeting

  • Work with the URHC/NRHH Treasurer to oversee the accounts. This includes processing reimbursement and advanced fund requests, as well as reconciliations. Complete an accurate budgetary record that will be kept for all expenditures.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with the Student Organizations Business Office.
  • Keep an updated budget on SharePoint at all times.

D. Administrative

  • Send weekly URHC/NRHH updates to the residence life staff.
  • Attend monthly joint staff meetings.
  • Actively attend and participate in departmental committees as required.
  • Complete weekly one-on-one meetings with Assistant Director.
  • Assist in Hall Staff training.


    • $1,325.00 per month stipend
    • Full tuition waiver (including out-of-state tuition)
    • On-campus housing and meal plan are provided. This is a live-on/live-in position, living on campus in provided housing is required.
    • Tuition is waived and graduate student health insurance is provided as part of your Graduate Assistantship.


    • 20-30 hours a week, 9-month at-will appointment
    • Position involves night (after 5pm on weekdays) and weekend work.
    • Start date at the end of July 2019

Division of Student Life