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Graduate Recruitment & Interview Weekend Information

College Student Personnel Program

Interview weekend for the College Student Personnel Program will be busy, fun, and will provide you an opportunity to get to know Big Orange Country!  We are excited to show you our home sweet home, and there are important items to keep in mind as you prepare for your time at UT.


Frequently Asked Questions:

After your formal admittance, students will receive a welcome email with registration information. Registration for the weekend is electronically and there is no cost to register for the recruitment and interview weekend.

In order to participate in our graduate assistantship selection process, students should plan to attend and register for the interview weekend. The registration email provides pertinent information regarding the process of applying for available graduate assistantships.

One week prior to the Graduate Recruitment Weekend, students will be notified by email of their interview schedule for the weekend. In preparation for the interviews, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Review the position descriptions of each GA position, as well as the websites of the offices, in which you will be interviewing. We suggest that you develop questions for each office.  The 25-minute interviews are fast, therefore you must come prepared for each interview.
  • Bring thank-you cards to write after your interview, there will be a folder for each Department/Office where you can place them. It is always good to bring a few extras, just in case you make a mistake/spelling error!
  • Finally, please keep in mind that there are numerous opportunities to conduct informal interviews and learn about practicum opportunities from many of the offices on campus during the Meet and Greet with Divisional Partners, Breakfast with Student Life Staff, and at the Friday Dinner with faculty and staff.

Wednesday, February 17

There are no official interview weekend events scheduled. If you will be arriving one day early due to flight schedules, please indicate that when you register for the weekend.

Thursday, February 18

The recommended dress is business/snappy casual. We encourage you to represent your undergraduate/ most recent institution (school colors, pins, accessories, polos, etc.).

Friday, February 19

Today will be a formal event, and business professional attire will be appropriate.  Suits (slacks, jacket, tie for men & slacks or skirt, jacket for women) would be the best option. At the evening break, you are welcome to change for dinner if you prefer.  For dinner, business casual attire will be appropriate, a formal suit is not necessary. You may just opt to remove your jacket.

After dinner, there will be an opportunity for candidates to change into informal attire for the evening’s optional social activity with current CSP students.  This is a time again to be informal, comfortable and relaxed, so jeans would be fine.

Saturday, February 20

If you are interviewing with University Housing on Saturday, interviews will be formal interviews and business attire will be appropriate.  Suits (slacks, jacket, tie for men & slacks or skirt, jacket for women) would be the best option.

Check-in for the weekend will be in the Student Union. Check-in begins at 12:30 p.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, February 18, 2021. The College Student Personnel Association (CSPA) will provide you with your welcome packet. The welcome packet contains your housing assignment, your parking pass (if you are driving to campus), and a final schedule of events for the weekend. If you will be parking on campus, you must display the parking pass to avoid receiving a parking ticket.

We will provide all candidates with a host that is a current first or second-year student in our program. They will be your guide to help you navigate the weekend and provide transportation to ensure you arrive at the designated locations on time. For those of you who drive and are staying with a host, you will be able to leave your car on campus overnight. Those staying in local hotels can park on campus during the day in a specified location with the pass you will be provided. Hosts will contact you by email soon after the registration for the weekend closes. They are here to help you in whatever ways you need and to show you how great it is to be a Tennessee Vol!

Directions to Student Union

All meetings and interviews will occur in the Student Union.  The address for the student union is as follows:


1502 Cumberland Avenue
Student Union Suite 383
Knoxville, TN 37996

Quick Interview Tips

Know thyself – take time to reflect on your knowledge areas, skills, accomplishments, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

Know the position for which you are interviewing – assess the skills and qualities the position requires Do your research regarding the office’s function, current projects, mission, and values.

Know how you fit – be prepared with specific stories highlighting your experience with each of the required skills and qualities.

Make eye contact with all interviewers, smile, and be aware of your posture, verbal cues, and body language.

Be prepared with thoughtful questions for the interviewers based on your search.

Send a personalized, specific thank you note to anyone who interviews you.