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Emergency Fund

The Basic Needs Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to support or provide access to a student’s basic needs (physiological or safety/security). This fund is for an emergency situation that can be supported or resolved with one-time financial support. The Basic Needs Emergency Fund is typically processed and reviewed within 7–10 business days. In addition to the emergency fund, the Dean of Students Basic Needs Team provides comprehensive basic needs support.

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  • Currently enrolled, full-time, degree-seeking student.
  • Have an immediate, basic needs hardship resulting from unanticipated circumstances or life events.
  • Financial aid budget has not been exceeded by institutional aid (loans, scholarships, etc.)
  • Other resources have been exhausted:
    • Additional financial aid packages (unaccepted student loans)
    • Payment plans for bills
    • Assistance from family, friends, or community resources
    • Credit cards

  • Essential items that have been destroyed due to an unexpected circumstance (e.g., fire, flood)
  • Medical testing that is required for access to academic success (e.g., ADHD testing)
  • Food or groceries that cannot otherwise be supported by the Big Orange Pantry
  • Non-fixed utilities that are in danger of being disconnected (e.g., electricity)
  • Emergency, short-term housing related to student’s physical security (e.g., apartment flood)
  • One-time, non-refundable, housing fees (i.e. housing application)
  • Transportation cost associated with supporting basic needs (e.g., car used to go to employment)
  • Emergency childcare for dependents (e.g., job loss affecting the ability to pay for daycare)
  • Emergency travel (e.g., costs associated with attending a family member’s funeral)

  • Tuition or university fees (e.g., SPSF, departmental fees, meal plans, housing)
  • Rent
  • Non-essential electronics, computers, technology
  • Non-essential or regularly anticipated utilities (e.g., cell phone, cable, internet)
  • Application or testing fees for academics (e.g., LSAT, GRE)
  • Household furniture costs not associated with an unexpected emergency (e.g., fire, flood)
  • Parking tickets or fines
  • Credit card payments, personal loans, or other personal debts
  • Study abroad costs
  • Routine car maintenance (e.g., gas, oil changes, tires)
  • Legal fees
  • Passports
  • Routine medical expenses (e.g., hospital bills)
  • Other non-essential expenses

  • Quotes
  • Estimate
  • Incident reports
  • News articles
  • Receipts

Would you like to support the Basic Needs Emergency Fund?

This fund is created with private donations through alumni, community, faculty, staff, and other outside support. If you would like to donate to the Basic Needs Emergency Fund, please click the link below. This critical fund is only available because of donors like you!

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Any questions regarding the Basic Needs Emergency Fund can be directed to:
Office of the Dean of Students