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Your Guide to Getting Involved this Fall

by Cecilia Demoski ’23

You’ve finally moved to campus, made some new friends or reconnected with old ones, and are getting into the groove of your class schedule. Now it’s time to get involved! Being on a large campus with so much going on can be overwhelming at times, but becoming involved in an organization or hobby can help you thrive at UT. Plus, outside of your academic experience, being involved on campus is a great way to hone your leadership skills, stay physically and mentally active, and become connected to the campus community. Here are some ways to become involved at UT! 

Campus Events

Here at UT, there are plenty of events you can attend almost daily. The Campus Events Calendar is the best way to see all of the scheduled events that take place throughout the semester and is a great place to browse events that you may be interested in attending. 

The Campus Events Board (CEB) is an organization that serves the university community by providing a large variety of campus events that can range from comedians to outdoor concerts, art shows, game nights, and crafting events. All of CEB’s events are free to participate in and are a great way to meet and engage with other Vols. For more information about CEB events, check out their website

Join a Student Organization 

Student organizations have a lot to offer, and joining one can bring many positive benefits to your time as a student. While it’s a great way to meet people and develop great friendships, being involved in an organization can help you develop more skills, teach you the importance of time management, encourage teamwork and collaboration, and can be a way to become a leader here on campus! Plus, with over 400 student organizations here on campus, there is surely one to fit your interests and passions. Browse VOLink for a full list of all the registered student organizations on campus.

Volunteering and Serving the Community 

A rewarding aspect of becoming involved is being able to give back to the community. The Clay and Debbie Jones Center for Leadership and Service (JCLS) exists to give students the chance to become connected to the campus and Knoxville community by offering ways to volunteer, develop leadership skills, and serve. Check out the JCLS’s ServeUTK platform to find a timetable of volunteering opportunities across campus and the surrounding Knoxville area. 


All members of the university can participate in RecSports. RecSports provides a wide variety of programs ranging from intramurals, fitness classes, outdoor pursuits, and even personal training sessions. The Tennessee Recreation Center for Students (TRECS) is a state-of-the-art facility that houses four basketball courts, an indoor track, and the main fitness area with plenty of cardio, strength training, and free-weight equipment. 

Check out the Group Fitness Schedule for free fitness classes offered at the TRECS gym, or take a look at the team, dual, and individual intramural sports offered. Whatever your preference may be, RECSports is sure to provide you with a fun, friendly, and maybe even a new way to maintain your physical health on campus. 

Photos of Cecilia Demoski in front of Neyland Stadium with a grey sweater

Cecilia is a recent graduate from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee who studied public relations at UT. She has a passion for writing and social media and her favorite thing about UT is all the fun traditions. She plans on pursuing a career in public relations and creative communications after graduation.