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Crisis Resources

During regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. Wednesdays), if you have an urgent mental health need or are in crisis, call the Student Counseling Center to ask for a crisis appointment.

After hours, you can call our number or 865-974-HELP (4357) to be connected to a crisis counselor. The after-hours crisis counselor cannot make or change appointments at the Student Counseling Center for you. In cases of an immediate threat of harm to self or others, please dial 911 for emergency response, on or off campus.

Here are some common reasons a student might seek an urgent care appointment:

  • You are not feeling safe from yourself (thoughts of suicide or self-harm) or others.
  • You have recently been physically and/or sexually assaulted.
  • Someone close to you has died in recent weeks.
  • You have not slept in three or more days.
  • There is a significant event happening in the next few days you need to make a decision about (such as needing to withdraw from school by a certain deadline).

What To Expect When Speaking with a Crisis Counselor

When you meet with a crisis counselor, they will:

  • Ask questions to understand your situation and assess your safety and ability to cope.
  • Help you regulate your emotions and calm yourself.
  • Explain confidentiality as it relates to the crisis.
  • Help you make a plan to address your concerns.
  • Offer additional service options such as resources within the Counseling and Mental Health Center, referrals elsewhere on campus or to a counselor off-campus depending on your needs and availability of services.
  • Contact police or medical professionals to assist you or others if needed.