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A student is checking in at the counseling center for their appointment

Make an Appointment

Getting started with the Student Counseling Center is an essential step towards supporting your mental health and well-being during your academic journey.

It means reaching out to a team of dedicated professionals who are here to listen, understand, and provide guidance through life’s challenges. Whether you’re dealing with academic stress, personal issues, or simply seeking a safe space to talk, the Student Counseling Center offers a welcoming and confidential environment. Getting started means taking a proactive approach to self-care and making the most of the valuable support network available to students.

How to Schedule My First Appointment

Prior to your first counseling session, you will have an initial triage appointment. To get started, please call our office at 865-974-2196. One of our front line staff will schedule you for a triage appointment to assess your needs. During this appointment, you and a provider will discuss your next steps for creating a plan that is right for you. After scheduling your triage appointment, an email will be sent to your UT email with required paperwork regarding your appointment. 

We do not accept insurance or payments for services. The Student Program and Services Fee funds  our services and are included in UT tuition and fees.

I am Having a Crisis and Need to Talk to Someone Right Now

During regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. Wednesdays), if you have an urgent mental health need or are in crisis, call the Student Counseling Center at 865-974-2196 to ask for a crisis appointment.  After hours, you can call our number to be connected to a crisis counselor.  The after hours crisis counselor cannot make or change appointments at the Student Counseling Center for you.

What to Expect During Your Triage Appointment

During your triage appointment, you will discuss your unique needs, any symptoms, your goals for treatment, and different treatment options. You and the triage clinician will collaborate to determine the most effective service to address your needs. If Student Counseling Center services are not the best fit for your needs, the therapist will assist you in finding other campus resources or off-campus providers.

Available Services