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Wellness Workshop Series

Many students are not interested in ongoing therapy but could use a boost of information to help them navigate certain issues. The Wellness Workshop Series is free and no appointment is necessary! Topics include stress, relaxation, meditation, taming distressing thoughts, healthy habits, building connections, finding balance, perfectionism, and self-compassion. You can access all the videos in the Wellness Workshop Series on our YouTube channel.

Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise

Learn how self-care can impact your functioning. We provide you with some ways to improve your mental health with a healthy lifestyle, and how proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise can help you stay on top of your health.


Practicing self-compassion has been associated with greater emotional resilience, healthier relationships, and a more accurate self-concept. Learn the how and why of being nice to yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness practices have been associated with better mental health. Learn how to focus your attention in a non-judgmental way.

Building Connections

Learn about the benefits of building and maintaining social relationships, and factors that impact our social connections. We also discuss specific opportunities available to students at the UT Knoxville campus.

Finding Balance

Identify your values, set SMART goals, and better manage your time. A worksheet in this presentation was adapted from Values clarification; a handbook of practical strategies for teachers and students. Students are welcome to check it out from the library.

Personal Values Card Sort Exercise

In this activity, discover what values are most important to you. To complete the exercise, view the instructions (PDF) and print and cut the value cards (PDF).

Stress and Relaxation

Learn about stress and simple techniques to relax: deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

Taming Distressing Thoughts

Learn about negative self-talk and how to refute unhelpful thoughts.


Learn what perfectionism is, the impact it can have on your mental health, how to set realistic expectations.